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Tilt and slide door repairs in Sheffield


If you need a repair to a sliding, tilt & slide or tilt and turn door give us a call

We specialise in servicing and repairing sliding patio doors and tilt and turn doors and windows. We have been servicing and repairing these types of doors for over 20 years.

A common problem with tilt and slide doors is when the drive gear fails. This is controlled by the handle and operates the locking points that run around the edge of the door. You will know this has happened when the handle just turns freely, or is stuck and does not open the door. This does not mean you need to buy a complete new door.

We can get the door to open and replace the faulty parts for new ones that work properly – all at an affordable price.

You may find that the door comes away at the top. This usually means the top “gliders” have worn out. You often wont get any warning about this until one day you slide the door open and the door falls inwards.

This can be quite a dangerous thing for you or your family to be around. If you can, close the door safely and ring us immediately to fix the problem. The gliders are easily replaced and will last for many years.

Over time, the running gear on the bottom of the door called the “bottom bogey” can fall out of alignment. Sometimes the springs that help to close the door break.  We  can replace the faulty parts with new ones to ensure your door slides smoothly once more.

Patio doors

On standard sliding patio doors, we can replace the bottom wheels and the majority of locks. We can also add extra security to the inside of the door.

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